Crane Rental

– HLC is Contractor who expert in providing the comprehensive services of crane equipment serving for projects of construction, thermal power plant, refinery and petrochemical, oil and gas…
– Crawler crane from 50 tons to 800 tons.

– Mobile crane rental service from 25tons to 800 tons.

– Cargo truck crane rental service from 3T to 19T.

– Forklift rental service with capacity from 2T to 25T.
– Consultant, selection, proper usage and effective safety management for crane equipment for Projects.
– Repair, maintainance, management of crane equipment.
– Provision of the skilled manpower, worker, Engineer in the field of crane (international safety Certificate)
– Consultant, provision of the solutions for transportation, installation of heavy lifting and engineered transport from 300 tons to 5000 tons for Projects.